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Welcome to Equity Realty! We have several options for agents looking to jumpstart their career. We are located next to Trader Joe's.

What is keeping you from a breakthrough?

At Equity Realty, we work towards giving you a competitive advantage. We provide an office where agents are proud to bring their buyers and sellers. You will find a productive and energetic work environment. Our office includes a sleek and comfortable front, a cafe to bring your clients and have a coffee and a treat.

Leads Plan - $0/month (traditional split)

This involves an interview process. Agents receive a steady and significant number of leads. There are three FT administrative assistants at your disposal. Two assist the agents in scheduling showings, preparing contracts and setting searches for your buyer leads. The other admin acts as a transaction coordinator for all required tasks after an executed contract. Agents on the Leads Plan benefit from effective email marketing and a dynamic website that includes a fantastic follow up system.

There is no monthly fee. The Leads Plan more of a traditional split with the potential to change the commission rate permanently as agents reach milestones. Each sale results in a $195 processing fee payable to Equity Realty.

My philosophy is to match excellent agents with support, systems, and leads.

  1. Support - In any other industry successful businesses rely on a core support. Your leads are assigned timely and each one has a unique and customized search set fror them. Then they receive an email from the agent with a link to the search and a short introduction. This is all done by someone else and in a timely manner. Our support staff alos is there to set all of your showings. The admins can print your showings and have you ready so you can focus on the clients. Admins are also available for other miscellaneous tasks such as contract preparation. Once you have an executed contract our FT Transaction Coordinator is there to manage your closing.

  2. Systems - We use a CRM that allows you to stay better organized; track your calls, set reminders, set custom searches, send emails using informative links from the websites, etc. Essentially, all your work is stored on one platform. Additionally, you can track how often your buyers are returning and which specific properties they are viewing while on the site.
  3. Leads - Of course, leads are the most critical component. Without a steady stream of leads you are dead in this business. We offer 500 leads in your first five months. From there, you will receive a steady amount. Agents that are using the system well and are having success receive an increased level of leads than those that are not. Most importantly, we do not assign leads randomly. We assign leads based upon an agent's skill set so you have an optimal opportunity to convert a lead to a sale.

There is more of a traditional split. To learn more come in for an interview.

There are 25+ agents on the Leads Plan. They are an excellent group. We have had only one agent leave the team voluntarily in the last 18 months.

Elevated Plan - $95/month plus MLS fees

This is for 100% agents that have their own business. Essentially, agents have a place that they can feel great about bringing their buyers. The plans are extremely competitive in comparison to other 100% offices. Many agents tend to live in north Naples and often sell in north Naples.

Processing Fee - There is a $195 processing fee per transaction. As long as the fee is disclosed to the buyer/seller and is listed in the 700 section of the HUD, the fee can be passed along to the client/customer.

Included - Fax line, business cards and E & O insurance. That is it! No hidden or additional fees.

Optimized Plan - $295/month plus MLS fees

Agents lease sites that Equity Realty builds. These sites will be among the elite in the industry. Agents will be able to point their current domain at the site and alter the home page to suit their marketing. Each site will have 100 pages of unique content (this is critical for seo). Equity Realty owns the site and the content - the agent owns their domain and points it to the site. The backend will provide amazing tools; agents can prospect, set drip campaigns, auto-responders, watch login activity, view properties customer viewed.

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