Naples Real Estate Agent, Tim Ryan

About Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan is an educated professional with years of experience as a Naples real estate agent. He has a degree in Finance and he's a licensed Florida Realtor. He's well acquainted with the neighborhoods and communities that comprise Naples, so he's the first person you should call if you're thinking about moving to this world-renowned city.

Not only does Tim have a great deal of expertise in this market, but he also makes it a priority to make his clients' real estate transaction as stress free as possible. He'll take the time to find out what you need most from him as a Naples real estate agent. He is no-nonsense and no-pressure Realtor.

Tim's background is not in marketing/sales. He doesn't try to sell property. Tim is not your typical Naples Realtor. He tries to find his clients the best value. This may mean a couple unaccepted offers will come and go, but Tim preaches patience - and it pays off. Once his clients realize that he is acting in their best interest, they put complete trust in him.

Tim represents buyers at no cost to them. He is only paid by the seller. He has a legal responsibility to you - the buyer, NOT the seller. He is your advocate, your coach, in your corner, trying to find YOU the best deal. You'll be glad he's on YOUR team.  

Tim lives in North Naples with his family. He is married and has five children. His wife loves being a stay at home Mom. In 2007 Tim and his wife, Mary Sue, became foster parents. They had about ten different children stay with them during the first six months. Then, in January 2008, a little Guatemalan girl was brought to them to be cared for. A year later, she was adopted into the family. Tim explains. "She is a part of the family now and I doubt she has any recollection of life before us. We feel lucky to have her and blessed that the Lord placed her in our lives".

worldvision_541In addition, Tim and his wife Mary Sue believe that its critical that people step up and really recognize the cries of the world. They are active in their church and play a key role in the introduction of first time visitors. Although, their church plays is an integral part of their lives, Tim and his wife’s passion is fostering and sponsoring children in Asia and Africa through World Vision. Tim explains, "The needs are so great. Only about 4% of the world lives in the United States. Everyone born here has basically hit the lottery. We live in a country that assures our children are fed, clothed, and educated. I cannot imagine telling my children I had no way to fill their belly before they went to sleep. However, this is a reality across the world. Jesus said, "Whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me." (Matthew 18:5) "The thing that impressed us about World Vision was that it had a high percentage of money actually make it to the child."

Tim moved to Naples in 2004 from Philadelphia. He and his wife were simply ready for a new chapter in their lives. "I tell people that I moved down for the weather and they laugh. We hate cold weather. I tell people here it is about 10 degrees warmer in the summer and 40 degrees warmer in the winter. To me, that is a great trade off." Tim came down to Naples to look at investment property in 2003 and bought on his very first trip. "I was absolutely sold on the area. I could not believe how pretty it was and the weather was so warm in the winter months."

stockexchange_453Selling real estate is quite a leap from what Tim used to do. He spent 7 years on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. "It truly is a job for young guys. The trading floor is like no other job in the world. People are screaming at you, greed and frustration are everywhere, and you need to keep your cool and make calculated analytical decisions." With a smile Tim continues to say, "I loved it but I was ready to switch gears. I learned so much to help me in the world. I am quick on my feet and make great decisions. The skills I bring to this industry are so valuable. Many agents have a sales background. My experience is quite unique. My clients benefit."

Some words that might be used to describe Tim:

  • Friendly
  • Professional
  • Enthusiastic
  • Advocate
  • Knowledgable
  • Thorough
  • Attentive
  • Humble
  • Moral
  • Ethical



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